Find Your Place and Hit Your Stride in Life!

Bob Greenfield works with successful people in all walks of life to help them figure out how to more consistently operate at their best, both in their career and in the rest of their life.

Consistently operating or performing at our best requires that individuals "find their place" and "hit their stride". What does this mean?

Hitting one's stride is when you are moving, covering distance, and at speed, but putting forth minimal energy, feeling optimally good, and of course getting the best result – all in a manner that is sustainable. Not only does it feel effortless, but there may even be a "high". We all hit our stride at times in our life. But imagine what it would be like for you or your organization to be able to perform that way consistently. Everything is easier when we hit our stride.

All of us are trying to find our "place". It’s not about belonging, but rather about finding our purpose. The existential question of "Why am I here?" is fundamentally a question of how can I contribute? Finding our place is finding and more important arriving at that place where one is uniquely equipped (perhaps even destined) to contribute. It’s that convergence of passion, need, and capability where you care deeply about what you're doing, those you're doing it with and for deeply need you to do it, and you're capable of doing it in a way that produces results you can be proud of. All done in a way that may demand effort, but doesn’t feel like work. That’s your "place", and finding it isn’t easy. Most successful people have probably found their place, professionally; yet balancing that with finding one’s place in the rest of life is often a much bigger challenge, complicated by the fact that we can get distracted and confused by success, money, and fame.

Finding our place and hitting our stride are characterized by 6 critical attributes:

  • Self awareness and curiosity
  • A clear "compass" for making decisions
  • Effective relationships (with colleagues, subordinates, family, self)
  • Balance across and health within each of the important domains
    of our life (work, family, emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, etc.)
  • Confidence
  • Knowing when and how to act with courage

Bob Greenfield guides his clients towards strengthening their ability and presence in each of these critical areas.

Successful people in the public eye readily turn to and rely on coaches and guides to train their skills and shape their career. Shouldn't they be just as inclined to engage an expert guide to help them clarify and answer some of life’s most critical questions?

  • Who are you really (not, what do you Do?) and how will you carry yourself?
  • Who will you surround yourself with and turn to for input and advice?
  • How will you manage the personal and emotional challenges and
    temptations that you’ll likely encounter as a successful performer in the public eye?

The challenge is to take the initiative and get started now. Do the work proactively, before you're in crisis, so that you'll already be healthy and in command once you encounter the challenges that life inevitably produces.

“Your skillful touch, flexible style, and disarming presence was incredible in enabling our Team to open up with you and with each other. I don’t know how you did it, but thank you!”