Professional Coaching and Advisory Services for Successful People in the Public Eye

Relying on your own counsel and following your instincts can only take you so far. Even the most talented and successful people have blind spots and encounter challenging obstacles. From time to time, everyone needs another perspective...another set of eyes.

Sometimes what’s needed is a guide.

GMS specializes in providing customized Coaching and Advisory services for people who are already successful and dealing with some of the challenges that success and celebrity can bring:

  • Clarifying life & career direction
  • Aligning actions with priorities
  • Creating better life balance so that success can be enjoyed and sustained with a healthier outlook
  • Addressing blind spots and weaknesses
  • Improving judgment and decision making
  • Increasing self-discipline and accountability
  • Clarifying personal identity
  • Staying centered and becoming more grounded

“Bob is a perceptive listener and deep thinker – he brings great awareness and valuable insights to the engagement.”