Leadership Development through One-on-One Executive Coaching

Coaching can make the difference between ordinary and exceptional performance. Leaders in particular often find it difficult to take time to participate in training and professional development. GMS works with each coaching client to develop a personalized program to fit their needs.

Leaders have a profound impact on their organization. Many executives are so busy doing their job that it is difficult for them to step back and focus on changing and improving their effectiveness as leaders. Complicating this challenge, executives often do not get enough candid feedback from their peers and subordinates.

GMS works one-on-one with clients who want to become more aware of their impact on others and then make changes as appropriate. GMS' approach to working with individual executives results in improved client performance by adhering to the following principles:

  • Develop a personalized program that is focused on critical improvement objectives
  • Work towards measurable improvement
  • Provide honest feedback
  • Blend necessary structure with a process that is flexible enough to meet individual client needs

GMS assists individual clients working to improve effectiveness in the following domains:

  • Leadership style and effectiveness
  • Strengthening personal presence and self confidence
  • Establishing leadership vision and focus
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Managing relationships within the work place
  • Stress management/reduction and improving balance in life
  • Personal organization and self-management skills
  • Building and leading teams
“Your skillful touch, flexible style, and disarming presence was incredible in enabling our Team to open up with you and with each other. I don’t know how you did it, but thank you!”