Strategic Planning

Organizations do not succeed accidentally. Success requires a vision, a plan, and the discipline to implement the plan while revisiting and changing it as necessary. GMS provides expert support to its clients’ efforts to plot and then successful create their own future.

Strategic Planning can range from a half-day leadership discussion about the future to a year long process involving an entire workforce and its different stakeholders including customers or clients. Strategic planning can result in a revised Vision Statement or a new organization altogether. Whatever the case, strategic planning exercises and sessions usually fall short of expectations for a variety of reasons.

  • Lack of a structure and discipline in the planning process
  • Inability to link broad goals with practical actions
  • Lack of specificity
  • Unclear expectations about next steps and plans for following through
  • Inadequate accountability and measurement mechanisms
  • All of the problems that typically threaten any type of group meeting or session

GMS brings structure and discipline to your planning process, ensuring that the right questions are being asked and that your session or process will be expertly facilitated.

See Case Studies for more information about GMS' Strategic Planning Support.

“Your skillful touch, flexible style, and disarming presence was incredible in enabling our Team to open up with you and with each other. I don’t know how you did it, but thank you!”